The idea of creating a blog came out directly from our coaching staff. Milan x Pro Blog (MxPB) represents the summary of a long journey rich of unique experiences connected to the world of Soccer, as coaches and fans of the sport.

Few numbers from MXP summer 2018:

  • 8 Italian coaches and 2 professional scouters were part of the soccer retreat during last summer - more than 160 players participated during the 2 weeks;

  • 15 players were selected to be part of the MXP European Tour that will take place in June 2019.


The knowledge of Youth Soccer in the US, the skills developed in Europe and the love for this sport: MxP is all these elements together! The Soccer trend in the US is widespreading but its tradition is still quite “young”. MxP aims to gather and showcase modern training techniques for the American Youth Soccer, drafted directly by european coaches: the goal of this project is to create a sinergy of contents, thoughts, comments and experiences that could assist American players succeed. Giving players the ability to express in the best way possible their skills and talents, reaching great results.


MxP gives importance to innovative training techniques, making young players the main focus during trainings and games. In this way they learn to live this sport in a more autonomous and creative way. The best way to learn the skills of this sport is to create “game situations”, ball possessions, small side games and free games. According to this philosophy at MxP we carefully selects all our training exercises.

We need to stop thinking that Soccer is just a matter of physical skills; of course physical performance is important and we also work for this but at the origin of the game there is always the decisional aspect. Abilities can be improved only if we pay more attention to the mental progression of each player. The main goals are: cognitive readiness, improved perception, a good mastery of time and space; all together and combined to perfect functioning of motor abilities.

Each game action entails a decision (tactical dimension), a motor action (technical dimension) which requires a specific movement (psychological dimension) and it is driven by an emotional condition. A good player is a person able to choose the most proper action as a reply to the several game scenarios. These actions are always determined by a tactical context. For these reasons what matters in all our trainings is the cognitive part: it’s important to develop in each player the “game understanding” and the “decision making”.

Author of the article: Coach Emanuele Ciot